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VW camper hire charm

VW camper hire charm

VW camper buses conjure up many strong memories for people: a trip to Europe with the kids, a wedding, a special family holiday with the dogs, a weekend surfing with friends and quirkier ventures too. Someone recently called me to enquire about our VW T2 classic camper hire as she recalled a provocative memory of one in her past. A gentleman lent his van for an art project where his generosity gave people a place to sit and welcome memories of holidays past, sharing thoughts and laughter. This event remained in her mind while looking for an adventure with her grandchildren which brought her to find our VW.

With UK holidays on the rise, camper vans gain popularity again. Newer models like the T5 are not an uncommon sight. Classic splittys and T2 bays still can be seen trundling across countryside and cities. Classic camper buses aren’t for everyone however, with the loud chitty chitty bang bang engine, ongoing mechanical work needed, the constant fight against rust and the lengthy journey times. Being stuck behind one on a hilly country road may be tiresome too. But once in love with one this all becomes part of the charm. And charm that comes in bucket loads.

Unfortunately, and learning from experience, buying a classic VW is a costly affair. Although cheap up front, the costs quickly stack up with mechanical work, body repairs, electrics, updating the interiors…the list is endless! Although once the initial splurge is over the spending becomes more steady giving more time to enjoy them.

An alternative to buying a van is to hire. There are many rental companies out there. Here in the South West there are companies with whole fleets as well as families renting out their individual vans. Holiday goers have excellent access to Cornwall, Devon, the Jurassic coast and Wales. You can normally take your pick from a new or a classic camper depending on how many wistful looks you wish to attract, or how fast you need to travel. They have a surprisingly wide variety of interior fittings ranging from the basic rock and roll bed with a small manual pump sink, to hammocks, fridge and hob unit, high tech speakers and USB phone charger ports among many other luxuries.

Always hire the optional awning if you can as this allows ample space, a sleeping place for dogs and kids can feel they have their own area too. Clothes can be hung up here, items kept dry from downpours or cool from hot sun and they allow space in the van. Other must-haves are sink, hob and fridge. This means you are truly self-dependent and can make cups of tea by side of the road wherever you are when you need a break from driving (all part of the fun!) embracing the ‘home is where you park it’ frame of mind. There is a certain laissez-faire attitude that comes with a VW. The journey is certainly half the fun and often being unable to go above 55mph, you need to relax and allow time to reach your destination.

It could be possible to get frustrated with the long, slow journeys but when you pull up at services, stretch you legs and walk back to the car park, your van will pop out at you like a gem to a magpie and a warming smile will spread over your face instantly changing your mood and outlook on the journey ahead. That beautiful contrasting colour scheme, shiny paintwork, iconic shape and face-like front will be a beacon among other cars, which just don’t evoke the same excitement. Children pointing and adults smiling remembering their own experiences with a VW bus all help build your confidence in your vehicle. Once on the camp site or beach it is without doubt that the van is centre of attention with people wanting to see the interior, know the story as to why you chose it, tell you their stories.

Once you have hired a VW bus you will struggle to go back to a tent and car, it’s just not the same. Having grown up with old converted vans we knew the freedom they offer and so hired a classic camper van for valentines weekend one year. This was it, we fell in love. Children and dogs, bedding and kitchen easily transported from central Bristol to Devon coast. Beautiful sunny morning waking up to breakfast cooked in the van and eating on bench outside while kids and dogs ran free. Bliss. We knew we needed one in our lives from this moment.

After months of waiting for the right one, and multiple hires in the meantime to fuel our desire, we finally found Rosie the camper. And so our journey began to the wonderful bus we have today.

Rosie is available for hire from or call Kelly on 07505131864.

Glasto is nearly here!

So Glastonbury festival is just around the corner and the finished touches to Rosie are being added. The van has had an amazing new interior provided by Dubteriors in Sheffield which has been custom made for Rosie The Camper.

Rosie The Camper Logo Midnight Van Hire Work New Dubteriors Unit Rusty Lee Rock N Roll Bed


New Interior
New Interior

Rosie Has A Refit

After being untouched since 1971 we decide to bring Rosies interior into the new year with a full interior renovation from Dubteriors based in Sheffield. Her new interior includes a fully working and modern fridge and freezer unit, USB chargers, overhead storage and lighting.